"Figmint Design produced an incredibly intuitive design for my press kit. The attention to detail is phenomenal, from gold-foil accents to hand-built pockets, and when I hand one to a potential client, the reaction is immediate: Open-mouthed awe, followed by 'Who does your collateral?!' My press kit needed to communicate 'luxury' and 'modernity' to my client while still being easy to understand quickly. It also needed to be flexible enough that I could change items within the kit as my business grew. Figmint's ideas for card inserts were the perfect solution. The 7x7 kit looks and works perfectly, immediately convincing recipients to put me on their Preferred Vendor lists. Sometimes before they've even tasted my cake! Under the fearless leadership of Maria Valentin, we were always secure in the knowledge that we had partnered with a creative genius. As our creative partner, Figmint Design easily came up with a beautiful logo that worked on many marketing levels. It communicated our core values across all mediums from paper to digital, and reproduced perfectly in sizes ranging from large show signage down to small business card letterpress. The approval process was easy -- Maria's calm and friendly way helped move the project along and resulted in a great product."

− Andrea Boudewijn / Superfine Bakery

"Maria's fine attention to detail, vision and creativity helped transform my wedding into a truly authentic and highly memorable day. She listened to my thoughts and ideas and transformed them into a reality. Her special touches showed throughout. From creating a cd with our images to having an old phonograph with our album on display were just some of the truly artistic and fun ways that she helped my theme shine through. I would highly recommend Maria for your special event. You will not be disappointed."

− Lori M.


− Toby Kassoy / Lilla Bello

"Figmint Design was the best vendor I worked with throughout the entire wedding process. Her designs set the tone for my entire wedding!"

− Jeanne McKean

"We worked with Figmint Design for our wedding. They are AMAZING in what they do, very professional AND provided great customer service! We are so lucky to have found someone with all these qualities. The owner and designer, Maria, is super sweet and oh-so talented. She went above and beyond to make sure our expectations were met, and every element of our wedding turned out so beautiful and so us!!! Maria has refined, high taste level that will oooh and ahhh the most discriminating clients. I can wholeheartedly recommend Figmint Design to anyone who appreciates quality high-end design and craftsmanship!"

− Kumiko H.

"Maria of Figmint Design created a branding suite for our relatively new interior design business. I had worked with many talented marketing professionals before that worked with us to create a design-forward, edgy image for our unique brand. Maria find-tuned the aesthetic - transformed us to where it was absolutely critical to be to get rolling as a creative business in a down market. Maria understood that we needed an IMMACULATE outward representation of such; one that elevated our image to the level of our designs and our goals for our future. We are interior designers - most will understand that this means we are also perfectionists. Perfection is a tall order. And that is exactly what Maria delivered. Not only did she get our unique/quirky image, she was also able to represent us visually and via concept in a way that would demonstrate how different - and yet how sophisticated and NEW, our design platform is. Most designers will do EITHER edgy OR sophisticated, which is precisely what makes us different from the rest of interiors studios. Understanding this requires intuition, taste, diligence, a sense of humor, and vast talent. This was not a 'make it pretty' challenge. It went much deeper than that, and a mere designer may not have been sensitive to that. I have told Maria and others that our new branding gives us the ability to do anything, to go ANYWHERE WE PLEASE. The chic, sophisticated, and edgy aesthetic Maria achieved is absolute perfection and it fits us like a glove. We are no longer held back by a lack of online professionalism, or by potential clients not 'getting' who we are. There are no limitations! The phone has not stopped ringing. Absolutely. Worth. Every. Penny. "

− Dawn & Tony / MAS Design

"Maria at Figmint Design is an utmost professional. I can always depend on her for wonderful service and an outstanding product (she's pretty much a genius). I highly recommend Figmint Design for any and all design and branding projects! "

− Brooke Avishay / Orange Blossom Special Events

"Figmint Design created a custom baby announcement for us. Maria made me feel very comfortable about my special request for an announcement for a new puppy. As an artist it was important that I worked with someone that had a great artistic vision once I shared what I wanted to do. The designs were perfect and they were open to any adjustments I wanted to make. The quality and attention to detail exceeded my expectations. My husband and I have been together for 14yrs and we took adopting a new puppy as a lifetime commitment. We used our beautiful announcements to introduce Ultra to her new family and friends, Getting her will forever be a special event in our lives and it was a wonderful way to share the excitement!!!"

− Connie & John